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Document Shredding

When it comes to our document shredding services, we want our clients to feel secure and confident that we'll destroy all of their pertinent information such as credit card information, email addresses, telephone numbers, legal names etc. that we'll have in our possession.


Identify theft is still rampant to this very day (especially in the information age) so destroying our client's documents is at a premium. By law, it is our duty to shred our client's documents and files in a timely fashion and we uphold the law extremely close to our heart. In every which way, we want our clients to boldly know that our shredding services are paramount and their information is in good hands.


What Do Our Document Shredding Services Offer?


It can come to a surprise that some businesses do have important yet private documents lying around in the office. Of course, this is where we as a service step in. We make sure that our clients know that we'll destroy their private files without any entity, foreign or domestic, laying a hand on them and using it to cause harm to anyone's identity.


What is Our Document Shredding Process?


There are two ways that we can shred unwanted documents:


  • Drop off shredding service - This is a service when a company brings their confidential documents to our facilities where we can shred them. Some businesses pick this service when their private information is at a higher level.


  • Mobile document shredding service - This is a service that our clients usually find more convenient. The reason is we can go to their location, pick up their documents and take it to our facilities to be destroyed. Our clients love this service because it can save them time and fuel.


Here are the benefits when clients do business with us when it comes to our document shredding services:


  • We provide them with a container with a locking mechanism to store their sensitive information. These documents can be emptied at the schedule of their choosing.
  • We issue a “Certificate of Destruction” to reassure them that we are following government rules and regulations.
  • We provide a competitive and an affording rate for our services.
  • We ensure that their confidential documents are unrecoverable so they will feel safe and secure and continue to work with us.


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