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How to Store Files

Here are the three basic ways to store files. Archive Management Solutions recommends one of the first two methods as most files can be easily identified and can be keyed into our computer system to provide reports and control over your files. Also, using a date and alpha system or a numbered system will easily allow you to purge files when they reach your established retention schedule.

1. By date and alpha range Example
1988 Accounts Payable A-M
1988 Accounts Payable N-Z , etc.

2. By numeric range Example
0051-0100 , etc.

Or, prefix the range with a year for purge purposes Example (using 1994)
940051-940100 , etc.

3. By individual name Example
BOX 1 
Jane Smith 
John Rogers 
Susan Johnson
Steve Smith 
Edward Stevens
Patrick Davis

To best decide the method that suits your needs, ask yourself:
"How do I find a file now?"


For more information, please view our information on record retrieval.

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