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Would you believe your documents are more secure at our facilities than they are when they're kept in-house? Well indeed they are! Once stored in our facility, nothing can be accessed without your authorization and our monitoring. There's absolutely no chance of unauthorized personnel accessing your documents...
We Guarantee It! Can you be absolutely certain no unauthorized individuals are rummaging through your files right now?

Strict Authorization and Approval Access

We employ a strict authorization approval policy that protects all your documents and information from disclosure to any unauthorized personnel. Only authorized personnel within your organization will have access to your documents and must provide required signatures for each transaction. Records of all detailed activity and access are provided on your individualized monthly management report.

Our Personnel's Qualifications

All of our personnel meet strict hiring standards, which includes extensive security background checks before becoming an AMS employee. All employees are required to abide by our stringent code of ethics and have signed a strict "Non-Disclosure Agreement" that is binding and notarized. Additionally, each of our employees are bonded and insured for your protection.

Ultimate Security System

We invest in the top-of-the-line security protection system to prevent unauthorized intrusion of our entire property, both inside and out.

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