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When it comes to Document Storage, our clients know that Archive Management Solutions are extremely reliable.  In case of natural disasters such as hurricane, tornadoes, fires, and floods we know what it takes to store to sensitive documents offsite in our protective locations before the disasters land at our client’s location. By storing our client’s documents in a secure environment, this can minimize the risks of their files being lost, stolen or damaged. They know that data loss is can leave a substantial and detrimental impact on their business and having their confidential documents moved to our offsite locations is one of the best decisions that they can possibly make.


What is another reason businesses need our Document Storage services? 


Regardless of whether you as a business want to use our offsite locations or not, please know that your employees have the potential to gain access to your documents and confidential information. Unfortunately, this is a reality and businesses should not take this for granted. In case that business does use our offsite storage location, be confident in the fact that we take multiple security measures when it comes to storing and protecting your files. 


As far as using our electronic storage systems (where in this case, you don’t have to worry about natural disasters), you can rest assured that we will protect your files from anyone hacking them, even from our own employees. We have a strict employee screening policy in our hiring process where we check everything from driving records, consistent drug testing, credit history reports and background checks. We do our very best to keep our “I” ’s dotted and our “T” ’s crossed.


What if you need your stored files in case of an emergency? 


When it comes to our clients wanting to retrieve certain documents stored in our offsite location, we do have a stringent process. We would love to handle our business on our end by having one of our Archive Management Solutions Professional to gain access to our secured area where we can retrieve your documents and drop them off to your office location. As far as whenever time you need to have a certain private document, our retrieval and delivery services are available to you, 24/7, and we guarantee that you will have access to your files whenever you need them.


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