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Pallet Storage

As a business, having huge amounts of empty pallets in your facility can be a problem. You unload your trucks with the merchandise that are packed on your pallets, you remove the merchandise from the pallets, and then you put the merchandise on the shelves to be purchased by your customers. 


Now that the process of loading and unloading is done, you are left with these heavy wooden pallets that are taking up your precious space to bring in even more merchandise. If you own a tiny warehouse that requires extra space for your merchandise, I'm sure you understand the advantage of having to clear your space on a regular basis to increase your storage capacity.


This is what we can do for you. By using our services, we can come to your place of business and store your pallets. You can let us know what time to come pick them up and we will be there. No questions asked.


Pallet Storage Provides Safety


A benefit of using our pallet storage service is to provide safety for you and your employees. Of course, you have employees that you truly care about and look after. You know your business would not be operational without their help. You also know very well that having an unorganized set of pallets in your area from unloading your trucks will have a greater chance of potentially causing harm to your workers. You know this cannot happen and you must protect your employees at all costs. With a company like Archive Management Solutions, we hold 'safety' like a badge of honor. Nothing is more important to us than to help business owners store their pallets to not only protect them and their team but have a continuous and operational workflow. Your workers will be happy to come to work knowing that you have a system in place and your business is safe for their well being.


Pallet Storage Saves Money


Lastly, using our pallet storage service can, in fact, save you money. Here's how. Instead of always purchasing new pallets for your merchandise, why not have your used pallets stored with us. Our reason is to have you using the money to buy new pallets and re-invest it back into your business.  At Archive Managment Solutions, we want to help our customers in lowering their business expenses and increasing their profits.


At the end of the day, we know you need a system in place to regulate the number of pallets that come from your business area. Not only to have your pallets stored in a safe location but to also reuse them again for future use. Imagine using a pallet storage service where your used pallets are stored safe and sound. Your employees are looking forward to working in a safe environment and you now you possess a service that can literally save you on business expenses and increase your profits long-term. All from using our pallet storage service.


We service all of East Central Florida including Kissimmee, Melbourne, Sebastian, Titusville, Sanford, Lake Mary, Vero Beach, Viera, Palm Bay, Brevard, Indian River, Osceola, and Seminole Counties.


If you as a business owner are in need of having your used pallets stored to increase your space, protect your workers, and increase your revenue, Call Us Now at (321) 259-7983 or go to the contact us page to discuss your project, and our pricing. We will be happy to serve you.

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