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Archive Management Solutions LLC

Q: Why should I consider offsite document storage?
A: With Melbourne/Viera real estate leasing costs currently averaging approximately $20.00 a square foot, it can actually cost you more money to store files at your own facility. In addition, many of our clients have used their former records storage area to service more customers and generate more revenue.

Q: What kind of boxes can I store at Storage Solutions?
A: You may use any new or like new industry standard record storage carton.
Q: Can you provide boxes?
A: Yes. We provide heavy duty, double wall, 15” x 12” x 10” boxes at competitive rates.
Q: Will you pick up the boxes that we need to store or do we bring them to you?
A: We can pick up your records at your office, mini storage, or any commercial location or you can drop them off at our convenient Melbourne location.
Q: How can I get a file out of storage?
A: Simply fax, email or call us with your request and we’ll retrieve your files. We can then deliver it to your office or you may pick it up at our warehouse.
Q: If I need a single file do I have to request the whole box?
A: We will deliver just the item(s) that you need. It’s not necessary to request the whole box if you only need a file or two.
Q: Can you fax a file to my office from my records?
A: Sure. We have many clients that just need a page or two faxed to them. We can even scan and email them if you’d like.
Q: What if I need a file on the weekend or at night?
A: With retrieval and delivery service available, 24/7, we guarantee that you will always have access to your files, whenever you need them.
Q: Can I retrieve my own records?
A: To protect our clients and their stored confidential records, we only allow authorized Archive Management Solutions personnel to have access to our secure storage area.
Q: How do I know your employees won’t be reading my sensitive documents?
A: We adhere to a strict employee screening policy which includes pre-employment background checks for criminal activity, random, on-going drug tests, credit history reports, and driving records, to weed out anyone that should not be granted access to confidential information.
Q: How much does it cost to store records at Storage Solutions?
A: We are always competitively priced compared to other full-service storage facilities and usually 20% - 50% less than a mini-storage unit.
Q: How much does it cost to retrieve a file?
A: We charge $1.75 to retrieve a file.
Q: How much does it cost to deliver a file?
A: Delivery cost varies based on your facility’s location. Some of our competitors charge two to three times more than we do to deliver files.
Q: How can I compare the total cost of a storage program?
A: One of our records managers will be happy to give you an average monthly program cost, based on the number of boxes you store, the size of your boxes, the number of file retrievals you typically request, and the anticipated delivery charges.
Q: I’m not happy with my current storage facility, but they say that they’ll charge an early contract termination fee if I leave. Is there any way to avoid this expense?
A: Call Us to discuss, we'll be able to help.
Q: Can I check out your facility in person?
A: Archive Managment Solutions is a secure record management facility, however, we can arrange to give prospective clients a tour of our building, as long as they don’t object to being accompanied by one of our record managers.
Q: How long should I keep files before destroying them?
A: Consult your attorney regarding the record retention laws as they relate to your business. There are very few laws that give time periods for retention and those that do may vary from state to state and industry to industry. We use the list on our Records Retention page as a guide.
Q: Will you destroy our files when we no longer need them?
A: Yes, we offer highly secure shredding services for our clients. We’ll even keep track of your files and notify you when it's time for them to be shredded.

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